34th Floor Hospitality

Founded in 2014, 34th Floor Hospitality is a full-service food and beverage consulting and management firm.  From concept design and development, financial underwriting, training, and openings to daily oversight and operational management, we have strategically and tactically led numerous projects for our clients worldwide. Our leadership’s extensive experience of over 100 years working for the most highly regarded hotels, chefs, restaurant companies, and entertainment venues brings a unique breadth of experience to create innovative and entrepreneurial solutions for your asset.

Creating a new experiential restaurant concept. Brand development presentations menu and beverage development, recipes, technology

Building a new golf immersive experience.

Create a restaurant hotel brand narrative and conversion of underperforming space into a sticky brand

Food & Beverage Partner for the Request for Concept (RFC) tender for the $2 billion, integrated resort and casino to be built in Wakayama Japan.

Our Team

Our Clients
Our clients are a diverse group of private equity, international hotel and casino companies, real estate investment trusts, & restaurant and entertainment companies. Each client presents distinct opportunities, so they’ve chosen 34th Floor’s individualized, entrepreneurial, and holistic approach to creating dynamic & unique solutions. 


Our Partners
34th Floor’s strategic partnerships with international architectural and design firms,
hospitality technology companies, and local and international public relations companies round out
our suite of services to offer a holistic solution for every project’s needs.

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Contact Us
If a food and beverage opportunity vexes your company or you are about to embark
on an incredible new opportunity, 34th Floor Hospitality is your partner for success.


34th Floor Hospitality
4425 Wagon Trail Ave.
Las Vegas, Nevada 89118
+1 (646) 912-1414
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