What We Do

34th floor provides solutions tailored to each client, asset, and issue.  Whether you need a new or reconceived restaurant, deal analysis, interim C-Suite leadership, operational auditing and support, or a complete third-party management solution, we have you covered.  We are a vertically integrated firm that provides comprehensive solutions that include brand, marketing, finance, and operations.  Our network of design partners round out our services to offer a complete suite of services for all of our clients.


Strategy + Planning

Create your brand’s journey with a comprehensive and seamless integration from market discovery and meticulous research through concept creation and design to robust brand development. Every step merges harmoniously to craft a compelling narrative that tells your story and serves as a guiding light for your brand’s evolution. And, with solid analytics backing every decision, your strategy is inspired and proven.
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Financial Underwriting + Accountability

Creativity, surprise, and delight only make sense to our clients if we can also create profit. Our meticulous focus on diverse business and financial models combines with our ingenuity and inspiration to tailor a solution that rewards both the guest and the business.



Launch +
Operational Systems

Operations are the core of your business, driving its functionality. We ensure seamless operations through the creation of Stand-up and Operational Materials, Systems Configurations, Administration, Procurement, Contract Negotiation, and the Launch of Operational Initiatives.

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Management + Oversite

With boots on the ground and sleeves rolled up, we provide Management Partnership options focused on driving profitability, maintaining operational consistency, delivering real-time solutions, ongoing training, refining SOPs, streamlining efficiencies, creating and executing marketing plans, and offering a full suite of accounting, IT, and HR solutions.



Results + Optimizations

Report, refine, iterate. Through meticulous reporting, we identify and address inefficiencies, establishing guidelines for implementing long-term strategic solutions.

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If a food and beverage opportunity vexes your company or you are about to embark
on an incredible new opportunity, 34th Floor Hospitality is your partner for success.


34th Floor Hospitality
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