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Discovery and


We are inspired and share inspiration

Concept Creation

   Start with a story that informs the journey forward
   Collaborative discovery leads to a compelling foundation
     • Always authentic, never forced
   Build a Guiding Narrative and Signature Elements
     • Proven analytics to add truth to prove the pathway
   Skillfully conceive a new brand and build the architecture

Brand Development

Creating imagery and gathering inspiration to realize the story
Programming Offering Structure
• Layering in the unexpected with the required
Logos and Style Guides
• Showcase a new brand with exciting Logos and Artwork
Collateral Programming and Development
• Ongoing collateral programming built on a solid framework
Photo and video production on location or in our
professional studio
Detailed planning for strategic and tactical market penetration
and PR footing
Website Development
Social Media
Strategy & Guidelines

Guardrails for Design and Architecture

Assist with vetting proven vendors for physical development
Weave a path forward through the design process
• Layering the physicality upon our concept
• Kitchen & Bars for efficient functionality
• Large scale infrastructure planning

Market Discovery & Research

Preliminary Research
Secondary Onsite Discovery

Development and


We guide a journey to the realization of
for our clients and ourselves

Strategic Planning and Tactical Execution

Critical Path creation and management
Financial Modeling
• Pre Opening Budget, Capital Requirements, Operational
Pro-Formas, ROI
IT Guardrails
• Source and layer the state of the art
• Proper tools afford our most valuable asset the opportunity
to create experiences for out guests
Proud partners of leading & cutting-edge technology companies

Food and Beverage Guidelines

F&B Concepts
• As a stand alone or as part of a larger program
Menu Development
• Chef support
• Celebrity Chef Partners
Beverage programming
• Beyond the Bartender
• Scalability, efficiency, profitability
Recipes and support materials
Beverage marketing support
• OSE direction and sourcing

Retail and Entertainment Development

Product Development
Brand and Packaging
Music Concept and Sonic Identity

Design and Architectural Planning and Oversight

Guiding Design and Architectural Planning
FFE Direction
Detailed Design and Architectural Review
Kitchen and Bar planning

Project Development

Hotel Integration
• Sharing our success for bringing elements together to meet
collective goals
• Cultural Immersion across brands
• Bridging the Front and back of the house
• Establishing a financial model for all partners
Project Management/Liaison
Pre-opening and Capital Budgets
OSE & Uniform Sourcing

HR and Talent Research

Development of a thoughtful sourcing and recruiting strategy,
critical to maximize the value of our Client’s activities
Define our Talent Management Program (TMP)
Create a retention & succession strategy
Assess our compensation & reward strategy
Review our development & training strategy
Revisit our Performance Management & Talent review

Launch and


Because everything is important

Stand Up and Operational Materials

Employee Manuals and Onsite Training
Controls and SOPs

Systems Configurations and Administration

POS stand up
Procurement stand up
Reservations Systems stand up
Event Software
Music installation support

Procurement and Contractual Negotiation

Vendor selection
Preferred programming
Contract Review

Operational Launch

Guardrails and Facilitation for Stand Up
Facilitate training and cultural immersion
Go Live Support or ongoing oversight
Building solid service culture

Management & Oversite

Long term operational partner strategy

Management Partnership

Direct management oversight
Driving Revenue
• Ongoing solutions
• New opportunity
• Refining the offer structure
Audit and Course Correct
• Refining the product
• Solving for operational issues
• Expense refinement
• Cultural and technical reinforcement
• Ongoing training & SOP Refinement
Marketing and PR planning
• Collateral Development
• Integrated PR Strategies
• Marketing Plan Execution
Financial Modeling
• Budget
• Forecasting
• Monthly P&L
• Inventory
IT Solutions for Business

Management Oversite / Partnership Management

Steering all aspects of operations
Using creativity to drive revenue
• Activations
• Maximizing footprint opportunity
Monitoring & adjusting to profitability
• Preserve the business model
• Streamline for efficiency
Staff encouragement & ongoing development
• Continued education
• Service refinement
Re-Forecasting & Budgeting
Sourcing & securing marketing support

Results and


We look around corners and over hilltops,
we make better mousetraps

Exploration for Results

Solving for insufficiencies in an existing operation
• Detailed Operational Reporting
• Assessment of Operational Risks
• Collaborative path forward
Guardrails for implementation
• Long Term Strategic Solutions
• Refining the offer structure
Branding and Market evaluations
• Assuring the target is hit, right peg in the right hole
• Rebranding
–  Integration of all components to a shared narrative
–  Alignment to underserved market segments
Marketing & PR Planning
• Collateral Development
• Integrate PR Strategies
• Marketing Plan Execution

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