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We Love Multi Faceted Projects!


Discovery and


We are inspired and share inspiration

Concept Creation

• Start with a story that informs the journey forward
• Collaborative discovery leads to a compelling foundation
   – Always authentic, never forced
• Build a Guiding Narrative and Signature Elements
   – Proven analytics to add truth to prove the pathway
• Skillfully conceive a new brand and build the architecture

Brand Development

• Creating imagery and gathering inspiration to realize the story
• Programming Offering Structure
  – Layering in the unexpected with the required
• Logos and Style Guides
  – Showcase a new brand with exciting Logos and Artwork
• Collateral Programming and Development
  – Ongoing collateral programming built on a solid framework
• Photo and video production on location or in our professional studio
• Detailed planning for strategic and tactical market penetration and
   PR footing
   – The secret sauce to fishing where the fish are

Guardrails for Design and Architecture

• Assist with vetting proven vendors for physical development
• Weave a path forward through the design process
   – Layering the physicality upon our concept

Development and


We guide a journey to the realization of
for our clients and ourselves

Strategic Planning and Tactical Execution

•  Critical Path creation and management
•  Financial Modeling
    –  Pre Opening, Capital Requirements, Operational Pro-Formas, ROI
•  IT Guardrails
   –  Source and layer the state of the art
   –  Proper tools afford our most valuable asset the opportunity to create  
        experiences for out guests

Food and Beverage Guidelines

• F&B Concepts
  – As a stand alone or as part of a larger program
• Menu Development
  – Chef support
  – Partner Chefs-community
• Beverage programming
  – Beyond the Bartender
  – Scalability, efficiency, profitability
• Recipes and support materials
• Beverage marketing support

Retail and Entertainment Development

• Product Development
• Brand and Packaging
• Merchandising
• Music Concept and Sonic Identity
• Live and Recorded Music and Production Development

Design and Architectural Planning and Oversight

• Guiding Design and Architectural Planning
• Detailed Design and Architectural Review
• Kitchen and Bar planning

Project Development

• Hotel Integration
  – Sharing our success for bringing elements together to meet
      collective goals
  – Cultural Immersion across brands
  – Bridging the Front and back of the house
  – Establishing a financial model for all partners
• Project Management/Liaison
• Pre Opening and Capital Budgets
• Construction Bidding
• Permitting and Plan Reviews

Launch and


Because everything is important

Stand Up and Operational Materials

• Employee Manuals and Training
• Controls and SOPs

Systems Configurations and Administration

• POS stand up
• Procurement stand up
• Reservations Systems stand up

Procurement and Contractual Negotiation

• Vendor selection
• Preferred programming
• Contract Review

Operational Launch

• Guardrails and Facilitation for Stand Up
• Facilitate training and cultural immersion
• Go Live Support or ongoing oversight
• Building solid service culture

Management Oversight / Partnership Management

•  Steering all aspects of operations

•  Creating better managers beginning with proper hiring
•  Using creativity to drive revenue
   –  Activations
   –  Maximizing footprint opportunity
•  Monitoring and adjusting to profitability
   –  Preserve the business model
   –  Streamline for efficiency
•  Staff encouragement and ongoing development programs
   –  Continued education
   –  Service refinement 
•  Re-Forecasting and Budgeting
•  Collective Bargaining Agreement
   –  Negotiations (*not legal representation)
   –  CBA Management 
•  Sourcing and securing marketing support 

Results and


We look around corners and over hilltops,

we make better mousetraps


Exploration for Results

• Solving for insufficiencies in an existing operation
  – Detailed Operational Reporting
  – Assessment of Operational Risks
  – Collaborative path forward
  – Guardrails for implementation
  – Implementation oversight
• Branding and Market evaluations
  – Assuring the target is hit, right peg in the right hole
  – Rebranding
      • Integration of all components to a shared narrative
      • Alignment to underserved market segments

Management and Oversight

• Long Term Strategic Solutions
• Direct management oversight
• Driving Revenue
  – Ongoing solutions
  – New opportunity
  – Refining the offer structure
• Audit and Course Correct
  – Refining the product
  – Solving for operational issues
  – Expense refinement
  – Cultural and technical reinforcement
• Marketing and PR planning
  – Collateral Development
  – Integrated PR Strategies
  – Marketing Plan Execution

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