Chef Edgar Escalante

Executive Chef

Whether he is mixing songs in his at-home DJ booth, or striving to combine just the right ingredients to make a perfect symphony of flavors in a new dish, Chef Edgar Escalante loves to create.
Born and raised in Mexico City, Chef Edgar’s love of food began at home. He grew up watching hisgrandmother’s cooking and at the age of 19, he decided to try for himself, beginning his career as a cookat his family’s Italian restaurant.
But while his growing passion for food may have started at home, his desire to hone his skills and furtherhis career would soon take him around the world-starting in Barcelona, Spain, where he worked atMichelin-starred restaurant, Rocamoo.
After spending two yearsin Spain, Chef Edgar launched a catering business in Mexico City where hemastered the art of handling high volume production while simultaneously learning to create unique,personalized experiences for each of his clients.These learned talents proved to be invaluable during histime working under Chef Katsuya Uechi’s concept at SLS South Beach, where he ventured next.
Guests can expect the unexpected from Executive Chef Edgar Escalante’s innovative, seasonal menu.An international culinary cuisine featuring French, Latin, and Spanish techniques and an Asian flavorpoint of view-Chef Escalante’s menu is a tribute to his love of travel and the experiences andcultures that have inspired him throughout his culinary journey. Washington, DC-a melting pot of peopleand cultures-is the perfect city for Chef Edgar to flourish.